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"Walking With Ghosts" was the first Paradigms Recordings compilation; a much darker, claustrophobic and isolating proposition than the "Death Aesthetics" collection that followed a few years later. Here we explore a varied and unique collection of artistically rich, frosted ambient, through spectral modern classical and haunting vocal composition to sorrowful slo-core and heavy atmospheric astral prog; presented alongside two examples of stunning Alexandre Rito photography.

Decadent tones and dark, potent themes are explored throughout, including dark ambient pioneers from both sides of the Atlantic (Selaxon Lutberg from Italy, Visions from Canada and The Waking Cold from the US - the experimental side project of Agalloch drummer Chris Greene). Jarboe collaborator Paul Mercer performed one of his harrowingly beautiful violin pieces here whilst Monarkh and Vulf Sentinent explored deep droning voids of the astral abyss. Le' Rue Delashay's "Death And Rebirth" provides an interval of debauched horror classical before the second act. Darker ethereal work is also present with the powerful, celestial vocals of both The Victim's Shudder and Annastatsea recalling 4AD releases at their most challenging and evocative, whilst the sheer, stark, slo-core purity of Germany's delicate Escape The Day send shivers down our spines.

Sweden's Catonium contribute two rich and unnerving scores that hint at Cold Meat Industry martial ambient soundtrack bombast whilst elements of Magma / Univers Zero's heavy progressive mirk are filtered through colossal tracks by Throne Of Galaktus (which incidently featured Cathedral / Chrome Hoof bassist Leo Smee on these recordings.) A personal favourite has to be the monumental opener from Sweden's And Machine Said...Behold. Truly epic crashing percussion and doomed piano lead the funeral march here...

walking with ghosts - tracklist

"Walking With Ghosts" CD Compilation Album (Paradigms Recordings #9)
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Various Artists - "Walking With Ghosts" CD

AND MACHINE SAID...BEHOLD - The Contortionist
CATONIUM - Speaking With The Dead
SELAXON LUTBERG - Remember Or Forget (Dissolti I)
MONARKH - Devore Par L'Hiver
LE' RUE DELASHAY - Death And Rebirth
THE VICTIM'S SHUDDER - Silent When You Scream
THE WAKING COLD - Independence
CATONIUM - Marching Into Metropolis
VULF SENTIENT - Suffer In Ignorance
ANNASTATSEA - Welcome Butterfly
VISIONS - Vortex

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