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Madison, WI’s neo-folk brethren return with a special cassette only micro-edition on Paradigms. KINIT HER were formed as a trio back in 2007, now a duo of brothers they continue to explore a rich musical heritage of neo-classical and early music influenced occult neo-folk of ever deepening richness and sorrowful wonder. Their organic forest mantras and sacred sigils embrace a lush orchestration of horns, mournful strings, delicate twelve-string guitars to accompany the vocal incantations of woodland mysticism and a search for higher knowledge in conflict with the veil of the modern world. Something beautiful and arcane smolders here.

With several acclaimed releases to their name already, including a split album with Burial Hex and an upcoming new album on Pesanta Urfolk, KINIT HER continue to bewitch us with their intoxicating folk psychedelics that flow through blood and earth on “Mosaic Of The Hyacinths”.

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"Mosaic Of The Hyacinths" Cassette (Paradigms Recordings #52)
Micro-edition of 100 copies only
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Kinit Her Cassette

Listen : KINIT HER "Mosaic Of The Hyacinths"

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Kinit Her
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