about paradigms recordings

So why do we do what we do? About the label and the ideas behind it...

Paradigms Recordings was launched on New Year's Day, 2006, with the release of a limited edition, specially packaged cd from Amber Asylum. The idea on which the label was founded hasn't changed to this day. And that idea was to develop a pure, eclectic yet focused record label outside of the standard confines of the regular label model, that reflected the musical and aesthetic vision of it's founder.

The reason to release each Paradigms cd as a limited edition was twofold - obviously to create something special to hold in your hands, but as we are a mailorder / internet based label that bypasses traditional distribution we've very much directed towards a niche market. So a small, limited run of cds suits us just fine.

Aesthetically, Paradigms releases are now presented in a unique package with specially printed covers on recycled, carefully sourced, textured papers with finely crafted, heavyweight cardboard gatefold inserts and the Paradigms inner wallet. We are also very aware of the environmental costs of plastic cd packaging so recently we have moved to sustainable materials for as much of our presentation as we can. Paradigms is dedicated to promoting the highest forms of design, print and a unified aesthetic whilst firmly focused on ecological methods.

Musically, Paradigms has always had it's roots firmly placed in the furthest reaches of the experimental / avantgarde metal world, however that has never stopped us from venturing far and wide to release what we feel to be the most exciting, interesting and vibrant underground music. Paradigms is an idealistic proposition. Whether it be kosmische electronica, mystic indie folk, astral doom, sombre nocturnal songcraft, spectral jazz, modern composition, avantgarde black metal, melancholic pop music, glacial post-rock or our life-long infatuation with 4AD Records and Swedish Death Metal, it will always have an important place here. It makes complete sense to us and it is very nice that it also makes sense to small collection of people dotted around the globe.

So as long as we're unearthing new, esoteric music and there are a few people interested in hearing what we do, then long shall Paradigms continue, along whatever path we decide to venture...

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